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The Festival of Dreams - Live your Dream Life

The Festival of Dreams brings together the world?s best in the health, wellbeing and spiritual field for three days of hands-on workshops, soul enriching seminars and elite entertainers and presenters.

The Festival of Dreams is a chance to take time out for yourself and embrace new opportunities to be the best person you can possibly be. Sometimes we get so caught up with what other people want from us or what they think we should be doing, or we just forget to put ourselves first in the chaos of daily life when there are so many outside forces demanding our attention and that distracts us from looking after ourselves.

At the festival you can make yourself a priority in a judgement free zone and work on your own well-being, personal understanding and, from that, determine to become the best you can be and live your dream life.

The Festival of Dreams celebrates life, love, mindfulness and spiritual radiance and Nature Care College is very excited to be attending and we hope to see you there!


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