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Get a Taste of Your Future - Free Taste Test Workshops

Choose from the Taste Test workshops available below (all running Tuesday, 2 February 6.30pm-8.30pm) and contact us to register your attendance.

Phone: 02 8423 8333 or email: info@naturecare.com.au

Don't delay as places will be snapped up quickly!

Coaching Skills for Nutritional Health

Discover more about inspiring and supporting others on their journey to healthy eating and good nutrition.

With the world becoming increasingly aware of the impact of food and nutrition on our health, there has never been a better time to turn your passion for good health and nutrition into a career.

Specialised coaching skills are applied to the area of food, nutrition and life-style to support and encourage clients who need assistance.

These are combined with comprehensive and specialised nutritional knowledge and expertise to fulfil this coaching niche.

Join us to get an insight into these unique skills and the world of nutritional health coaching.

Please quote FREECNH when booking.

Natural Health & Herbal Medicine
Explore the wide range of tools available in natural medicine and how Naturopaths and Herbalists work with nature's cures for healing.

Taking a natural health approach to healing, it is understood that if you restore and maintain the equilibrium of the body, it will remain in a state of optimal well-being.

Natural Health and Herbal Medicine incorporate tools and wisdom from these age-old healing systems with modern day knowledge in sciences, to provide comprehensive and highly effective treatment techiques.

Take a leaf out of nature's book on healing and join us to learn more.

Please quote FREENAT when booking.

Holistic Counselling
Be inspired to embark on a journey of transformation as a Holistic Counsellor!

Holistic Counselling helps to facilitate personal healing and a greater sense of meaning, life direction and purpose.

Drawing on specialised counselling skills, it provides supportive and therapeutic care, focussed on the person as a whole - mind, body, soul.

A unique and profound learning experience Holistic Counselling will see you discover yourself as you learn to support and counsel others.

Take the first step on your journey and experience the world of Holistic Counselling, gaining tools and techniques that can be immediately applied across all aspects of life.

Please quote FREECOU when booking.

Transpersonal Life Coaching
Learn to change lives, literally!

Experience how you can live your life purpose and inspire others as a Transformational Life Coach.

Coaching is a growing profession and is increasingly in demand in many sectors. It is a potent tool for transformation of self, and others.

Going beyond many of the standard approaches to coaching, Transpersonal Coaching investigates how we can enjoy a more fulfilling life on all levels.

It can enrich us both personally and professionally, and is an amazing and fulfilling career.

Come along to learn skills that can be immediately applied in work, family, relationships and life.

Please quote FREETLC when booking.

Ayurveda - Body Types & Techniques
Delve into the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda with one of Australia's leading experts in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Ayurveda, first recognised by the rishi (seers) of India is inherently a science of self-healing to achieve balance and well-being.

Knowing your Ayurvedic body type (dosha) enables you to incorporate practical tools that are best for your dosha, such as food, kitchen herbs and exercise, into daily life.

Attend this taste tester to access tools for better balance through Ayurveda - body, mind and spirit.

Please quote FREEAYUR when booking.

An Insight into Homoeopathy
Would you like to learn more about the second most used medicine in the world?*

Based on the principle that 'like cures like', Homeopathy is a subtle healing system that works with vibrational remedies to restore good health on all levels.

Explore this principle further and learn more about its use in medicine and healing, and how it is applied in practice through Homoeopathy.

*According to the World Health Organisation

Please quote FREEHOM when booking.

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