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Certificate in Ayurvedic Healing

Want to bring yourself back to a state of balance & vitality?

Ayurveda emphasises balance on all levels through a healthy diet, lifestyle, exercise and body cleansing supporting the health of our minds, bodies and spirits.

Discover Ayurvedic self-healing approaches using food, massage, kitchen herbs, holistic detoxing and rejuvenation practices in our Certificate in Ayurvedic Healing

You’ll be guided through various practices used to promote emotional, mental and spiritual harmony in day to day life and gain skills to make optimal lifestyle choices to live your best life.

Learn India’s time-honoured system of healing with Dr Shaun Matthews

Dr Shaun Matthews is a practicing GP, Ayurveda and yoga therapist and author. He established the Ayurvedic Medicine Department at Nature Care in 1997 and has become Australia’s foremost Ayurvedic educator.

Did you know?

The word Ayurveda translates from Sanskrit to mean ‘the science of life’. Ayurveda continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind body health systems.

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