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The Power of Gratitude Practices

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We are at the dawn of a global gratitude renaissance with unprecedented interest in the science and practice of gratitude!

The Science and Practice of Gratitude

When you practice gratitude on a regular basis, complex emotional and cognitive interaction occur in the brain system, with markedly enhanced brain activity in the area of the reward centre of the brain.

Learn the Tools to Train your Brain

Without learning the tools to awareness and practice, gratitude for most people is an unpredictable and transient experience. Once you know how to practice gratitude and the science behind how it works, the ‘gratitude’ experience will become a regular mechanism.

You will be impressed with the remarkable results when you have completed the training. The physical, psychological & social benefits are life changing.

This course will provide you with the discipline that is needed to start practicing your weekly activities guided by your tutor - you will need the 6 weeks to adopt a regime and train your brain to recognise & practice gratitude through much more than gratitude journalling exercises. Throughout the course, you will discover a lot about yourself and how you perceive the world and most importantly how to use this magnificent tool that will ignite powerful & positive change either for yourself or as an adjunct to your skills for your clients.


Who is this course for? 

This course in gratitude practices is of benefit to everyone on both a personal and professional level. You will be provided with the tools to incorporate new techniques in your life in order to gain significant life enhancements and tangible benefits of improved mental and physical health.

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. - Buddha



WOW... Loved the course... So many little tips and tricks to apply to your daily rituals to uplift your mental health. Natasha is an amazing trainer and has inspired me all the way. Her energy is vibrant and calm the perfect person to teach and help you feel great about yourself - Lisa


I recommend this course as a great way to bring gratitude to your daily life. I have noticed a change in the way I view things that could have upset me on the past. I am grateful for so much that I may have previously taken for granted. I will continue to journal as re reading it just makes the gratitude stronger. The content was really good and very interesting and explained things in a way that I really enjoyed. Great course to bring this practice to yourself and others. – Deb


I thoroughly enjoyed this class, the information presented was an easy to follow combination of theoretical and experiential activities. I would recommend this course to others - Lisa





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