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Introduction to Nutrition

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Whether you wish to achieve better health and well-being for yourself and your family or are a practitioner wishing to support your clients with nutritional advice, this is the short course for you!

Introduction to Nutrition also forms part of our popular Certificate in Nutrition, Professional Certificate in Food & Nutrition Coaching and Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching courses.

Throughout this course you will gain an insight into the world of whole food nutrition and how it differs from a dietetics approach, to develop a strong understanding of established nutritional principles and practices and how to incorporate these into daily life.

Explore essential nutrients and what they do for you (why you need them), sort your facts from fiction when you examine super foods and nutritional trends, and learn how to develop and modify dietary plans and modifications for specific needs - from weight loss to specific health issues.



Fiona was an exceptional lecturer with incredible knowledge of the subject. She not only made the subject interesting, but her great sense of humor made it very enjoyable to learn.– Fiona

This course has been amazing to me for so many reasons, not only for the awesome content and excellent trainer - thanks Fiona! -but it's given me a level of confidence that I needed, and I'm now seriously considering the Nutrition diploma next year. Thanks again Fiona, and Nature Care for a really great 10 weeks, truly life changing for me! - Kylie

Introduction to Nutrition was the perfect starting point to get into Nutrition studies. It gave me a great overview of the major branches and strong foundation to continue my studies from. Fiona was a great teacher, as she kept the lessons interesting but still very informative and helpful! It was overall a very enjoyable and educational course, thank you! - Valentina

Fiona is an excellent trainer with a wealth of extra information provided in addition to the course guide and slides. I raved about the course every week to my partner. – Stacey


Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 



Start Date: 19/09/2024

Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Duration: Thursday online for 10 weeks

Price: $575.00

Flexible Learning Options

Enjoy the ease of attending the class live in our virtual classroom with your Trainer OR watch the recording in line with your own weekly study schedule. You can choose to:

Attend the class lesson live in real-time online at the scheduled time OR

Review the class recording and course content at your leisure in-line with your own weekly study schedule.

You can attend the live class and watch the recording for revision to consolidate your learning.

Nature Care's virtual classroom is accessed through the colleges secure online Student Portal which you can access day and night 7 days a week.

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