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Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

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Wellness is more than being healthy through eating well and exercise. It is creating a growth mindset, engaging in simple but positive effective "focussed" practices to make long-term beneficial changes to one's life.

In this fulfilling course, you will explore the importance of various wellness practices such as Mindfulness Meditation, Loving/Kindness Mediation, Gratitude & Wellness; Consciousness and the power of positive affirmations to make lasting beneficial changes.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 


I absolutely loved this course! Emma was an incredible teacher with a wealth of knowledge and the way that she taught was inspiring. I feel like I personally got so much from this course and am genuinely excited to be able to hopefully pass that on to clients in the future - Brianne

This was one of the best courses in the Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching. The course came to me when I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life and this course helped me get positive, look at life with gratitude with what I have and helped me deal with the current difficult situation better.- Sudha

Wow, I have just finished all my subjects for the Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching and this was such a great lesson/topic to finish off on.  I really Emma's teaching style – Anita

I found this course to be a very supportive component to everything else we are learning. Emma was an amazing trainer who not only gave us the best of her knowledge, but gave us her time to hash out any other significant issues that impacted upon our wellness. I looked forward to this class every week and truly felt like Emma held a beautiful, non-judgmental space for us all. You could feel the love in the live recordings also – Kirsty



Start Date: 09/07/2021

Time: 10.00am to 1.00pm

Duration: Friday Online for 4 weeks

Study Options - Our courses can be studied anywhere, any time!

All subjects have online scheduled class time. Enjoy the ease of watching the class live online in our virtual classroom or watch the recording at your leisure in line with your own weekly study schedule. You can also attend the live online class and watch the recording as revision.

Nature Care's virtual classroom is accessed through the colleges secure online Student Portal which you can access day and night 7 days a week

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Course Fees: $365.00



I discovered that I really loved the Anatomy & Physiology short course it was fascinating, challenging and very personally rewarding. The course notes and references were very clear. My trainer Inga Saliba, provided great links to the best of online material relevant to the subject (appropriate to our level) and some extra more challenging material for the intellectually curious.

I initially signed up for the face to face training at the college before Covid 19. I am now a convert to the online course and will continue my studies in this format.
Thank you Inga you helped ignite a passion I never knew I had! – Sandra


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