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Professional Certificate of Holistic Wellness Coaching

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"Prevention is better than Cure"

How we think, feel, see and engage with the world affects our cellular biology, or put simply, our overall health. The Professional Certificate of Holistic Wellness Coaching will equip graduates to work collaboratively with clients to engage and maintain an effective, lasting personal wellness program that is focused on a holistic approach on staying well and avoiding illness.

A Wellness Course that Facilitates Valuable Self-Development & Expansion

In today's world, we not only need more empathy, kindness, collaboration and other positive qualities but view that those qualities can be developed within each person.

This holistic health focused qualification will provide graduates with the tools to create a more positive, less stressful, healthier, happier and fulfilling life and will equip and motivate you on how to inspire others to lead a life focused on staying well and avoiding illness.

Wellness is more than being healthy through eating well and exercise. It is creating a growth mindset, engaging in positive emotional practices & simple but effective 'focussed' practices, ultimately making long-term beneficial changes on several spheres of one's life.

A Wellness Coach supports clients on their journey to health and wellness by being a source of encouragement and accountability, through deep listening and incisive questioning, eliciting a client’s inner strengths and resources, goal setting, and unconditional positive regard, a Wellness Coach partners with clients to identify and achieve their goals through on-going support and motivation.

The benefits of coaching include increased focus, firm goals, independence, confidence and a better ability to communicate wants and needs.

Not only will you learn how to coach clients, you will learn a lot about yourself which is essential to being a well-informed empathetic and successful wellness coach. Along your journey you will be stimulated by your new found knowledge, meet like-minded people, and be equipped to start a new fulfilling career that will provide powerful and lasting benefits to others.


Course Duration: 1 Year Part-Time or study at your own pace as each subject is offered every term

Intakes: February, June and Sept

Next Intake: Starts from 7 June


Study anywhere, any time! – In our virtual classroom

Making learning accessible for everyone is the key to all our course programs. Nature Care’s virtual classroom is accessed through the colleges secure online Student Portal which you can access day and night 7 days a week. 

Study Options - All subjects have a scheduled duration & an online scheduled class time.

Enjoy the ease of watching the class live in our virtual classroom or watch the recording at your leisure.

You can choose to:

  • Attend the scheduled class lesson live in real-time online via the Nature Care Student Portal OR
  • Review the live recording and course content at your leisure in-line with your own weekly study schedule
  • You can attend the live class and watch the recording as revision 

Each class recording is available for the whole duration of term to optimise your learning experience.

*Please note for the two coaching subjects you must attend the class live online in real time. The subjects allow for an 80% attendance requirement.


Recognition of Course

Nature Care College is an approved training provider for the Professional Certificate of Holistic Wellness Coaching with;

IICT - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists Professional membership & insurance for Every Therapist - Once you have graduated with your Professional Certificate in Holistic Wellness Coaching from Nature Care College, you are eligible to join the IICT Visit:



I thoroughly enjoyed the Professional Certificate in Holistic Wellness Coaching and the variety of its content which moulded in a fantastic overall approach to one's physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.  The course coordinators have done a brilliant job.
I've benefited greatly beyond expectations in my own personal growth and healing journey from struggling with ME/CFS for the past 6 years, and now feel confident in using my learnings to coach others trapped in their own health and wellness setbacks and achieve their health goals. Thank you Nature Care and all your passionate knowledgeable tutors.
You will see me again, this learning is addictive! – Christine

My study at Nature Care has given me a solid base of knowledge to practice as a Holistic Wellness Coach and run Wellness Workshops. I was able to coach with results immediately on completing my course. – Jill 

I love Lorna’s passion and it was apparent that she is an expert in her field. I would attend again in a heartbeat! – Eva

I have studied other health courses at university and found the tutors at Nature Care were all really well qualified in their areas of expertise and taught with heart. I love the approach of Holistic Wellness Coaching, which is so individualised and empowering, and is, I think, the future of health care. I really loved the course and got a lot of value from it personally as well as professionally. – Katie

“A positively life transformational 12 months” - Brahmashakti


To find out more, see what you’ll be learning and have frequently asked questions answered download the Course Outline

Professional Certificate of Holistic Wellness Coaching Booklist 



Cellular Health - Living for Longevity

This ground-breaking and fascinating subject can be completed autonomously or within the college’s Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching. “Your cells are listening to your thoughts” partly synopsises this subject, Including the latest award winning research on prematurely ageing cells and healthy cells. You will learn that certain biochemical environments appear to be conducive to several cell ageing mechanisms and how you can support your cells to increase longevity in life. Multiple self-assessment questionnaires & exercises in personality identification and life’s purpose exercises to assist the student (and ultimately the client) through the process of identification and improvement techniques and the setting of personal goals.

This subject is assessed by:

  • Online Quiz


The Holistic Health Toolkit

This course aims to consolidate your knowledge on various natural remedies and holistic practices to apply to a practical setting where you are able to successfully advise your clients and help them along their health and wellness journey. You will be able to integrate your knowledge of the following modalities and holistic health practices in an advisory capacity (i.e. as a natural health advisor, wellness coach, etc.): Bach Flower Remedies; Basic Aromatherapy and using essential oils for self-care; Herbal preparations/teas.

This unit is assessed by:

  • Three on-line quizzes

Introduction to Nutrition

Description: This unit of study will enable you to develop an understanding of the basic concepts of established nutritional principles and practice and to overview current nutritional trends in order to identify basic individual dietary requirements and negotiate basic dietary change as appropriate to the individual.

Learning Hours: Learning hours are inclusive of all supervised and prescribed activities throughout the duration of this unit of study. These may include lectures, on-line tasks, forums, assessments, prescribed reading, research, assignments and activities.

This unit is assessed by:

  • One on-line quiz

Pre-requisites: Nil.

Co-requisites: Nil

Food as Medicine

Description: Food as Medicine explores the healing potential of foods, beverages and dietary patterns using the best knowledge from both traditional and scientific sources. In this unit of study you will learn how to recommend wholesome foods and beverages based on seasonally available ingredients that delight the senses whilst providing specific phytochemicals and nutrients. You will also learn how to communicate knowledge of nutritional medicine philosophy, principles and practices

Learning Hours: Learning hours are inclusive of all supervised and prescribed activities throughout the duration of this unit of study. These may include lectures, on-line tasks, forums, assessments, prescribed reading, research, assignments and activities.

This unit is assessed by:

  • One on-line quiz

Pre-requisites: Nil

Co-requisites: Nil

Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

The value of focused ‘meditative’ and wellness practices are explored through readings, exercises, research & practical videos including: Mindfulness Meditation; Acceptance & Commitment skills; Loving/ Kindness Meditation; Gratitude & Wellness; Consciousness & Yoga; Qi-gong & Tai-chi; the power of positive affirmations.

This unit is assessed by:

  • Online Quiz

The Resilient Mindset

A resilient growth mindset opens up a whole new world in observation, behaviour, persona and health. The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.

In this subject you will identify what constitutes a ‘fixed’ and resilient (growth) mindset through a guided 4 step process. Techniques and activities will be identified and taught on how to change your mindset.

This unit is assessed by:

  • One written assignment


This course was nothing short of amazing.  The information is priceless. The delivery was fantastic and it was great to interact with other likeminded people. Besides learning from the information delivered, I also learnt from the other students in the course.


Tracey Xuereb 



Wellness Coaching Skills

Description: Students will learn the importance of and techniques in advanced listening skills where they will develop an acute awareness of client goals. Practical role plays for client and coach sessions is all part of this coaching unit. A coach’s ‘Tool-kit is included with forms, checklists, questionnaires and client agreements.

1:1 coaching sessions with your trainer (or an external coach of your choice) are highly recommended though not compulsory. Your investment in these may vary dependent upon your choice of coach and is in addition to your college tuition fees.

This unit is assessed by:

  • Coaching practice sessions
  • One written assignment

Pre-requisites: Nil 

Co-requisites: Nil

Weight Management Strategies

Description: At the end of this unit, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to identify weight loss and maintenance strategies for clients. It includes knowledge of physical and psychological qualities of foods, dietary types and trends, diets and lifestyle choices to meet varying client needs with diverse relationships to foods and eating patterns.

This unit is assessed by:

  • One on-line quiz

Self Directed Learning: Components of this unit require self directed study where you will perform research and or set tasks followed by reviews promoting learning, engagement, debate and group discussion.

Pre-requisites: Introduction To Nutrition
Co-requisites: Nil

Creating Self Care Plans

As a wellness coach and advisor, one of the most important ways to help your clients keep on track with their self-care routine is to work with them to create self-care plans that are goal-oriented. A self-care plan is always customised taking into account a person’s unique circumstances, health and other factors. This unit will not only look at care plans for one self, but also the different stages of life from the teenage years and adolescence through to mid-life and beyond.

This unit is assessed by:

  • One written assignment

The Successful Wellness Coach

Description: In this unit of study, the student will create a clear vision for moving forward into becoming a wellness coach through the identification and re-enforcement of the student’s own goals, the practice of initial coaching and client interviews, sourcing clients, confidence building, and the initial tools required for foundation knowledge in coaching.

1:1 coaching sessions with your trainer (or an external coach of your choice) are highly recommended though not compulsory. Your investment in these may vary dependent upon your choice of coach and is in addition to your college tuition fees.

This unit is assessed by:

  • One vision exercise
  • One written assignment

Pre-requisites: Wellness Coaching Skills 

Co-requisites: Nil

Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology Based Relaxation Therapy

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) investigates links between thoughts and emotions, and the resistance to disease.

This short course in PNI provides participants with the opportunity learn about this growing field and get up to date on the most recent evidence-based research of interactions between neural, endocrine and immune processes.

The workshop has a strong focus on the effect of stress and relaxation on psychological and physical well-being and includes practical relaxation skills to reduce the effects of stress-related medical conditions.

In this comprehensive, information packed workshop you will explore the definition and history of PNI and explore connections between nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

You will also learn about stress response pathways, PNI interactions in depression, Alzheimer's and PTSD and explore evidence of the immune response to relaxation and more!

Also included in this workshop are practical relaxations skills to enhance psychological and physical health for you to use personally and provide to clients.

Study options: Join us on campus in Sydney

This unit is assessed by:

  • Online quiz

You enrol and pay on a term by term basis.

Year 1 Fees:

Term 1 : $1,405.00

Term 2 : $2,005.00

Term 3 : $1,550.00

Get 5% Discount

If you pay each terms fees upfront prior to the start of term you are eligble to receive a 5% discount. So take another 5% off each terms fees published above.



"Congratulations to all the staff at NCC for creating such a wonderful learning environment. You are all amazing! In particular I would like to thank Michelle Avedissian for her professionalism and genuinely caring attitude during my RPL process. It goes without saying that in my opinion Nature Care College is THE college to study Natural Therapies."

Veronica Doppler

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