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Dowsing as an Energetic Assessment Tool

Learn how to use natural energies to enhane your life in ways you never dreamed of!

Dowsing is a means of accessing information, using a pendulum, via your body's own natural electro magnetic sensitivity in answer to a clearly defined question.

In this relaxed, hands-on, interactive, practical seminar beginning dowsers will learn the basics of what, why, how and when. If you are a dowser already but feel a bit wobbly, not confident in your ability or your pendulum doesn't seem to be reliable, these issues will be addressed.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 

About the facilitator - Maggie Lowe

Learning how to dowse many years ago changed Maggie's life!

Encouraged to 'use dowsing for everything and push the boundaries' many wonderful discoveries were made in health, garden, environmental, lost objects and the wonderful world of energies we live in.

Maggie has conducted Beginner's, Intermediate, Garden and Investigative seminars for the Society and derives enormous pleasure to see the lights go on in a new dowser's eyes the first time the pendulum gives an answer.



Start Date: 28/04/2019

Time: 9.30am - 3.30pm

Duration: One Sunday

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Course Fees: $140.00


"The Diploma was profound for me on all levels. I found all of my lecturers extremely knowledgeable, experienced in their are of practice and also very approachable, friendly and supportive at all times."

Janet Beath

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