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Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology Based Relaxation Therapy

Discover the fascinating world of mind-body interactions & examine the latest evidence-based research of interactions between neural, endocrine & immune processes, highlighting the effect of stress & relaxation on health and wellbeing.  

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) investigates links between thoughts and emotions, and the resistance to disease. The workshop has a strong focus on the effect of stress and relaxation on psychological and physical well-being and includes practical relaxation skills to reduce the effects of stress-related medical conditions.

You will also learn about stress response pathways, PNI interactions in pain, depression, anxiety and fatigue and explore evidence of the immune response to relaxation and more!

Also included in this workshop are practical relaxations skills to enhance psychological and physical health for you to use personally and provide to clients.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 

Flexible Learning Options: Attend the online scheduled class lesson live in real time OR watch the recording and review the course content at your leisure in-line with your own weekly study schedule.

Ingestive Practitioners that are members of ATMS (Australian Tradition Medicine Society) can receive 6 Continuing Professional Education points for this Nature Care College course.

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