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Free lunch time workshop - Tribe of the Tree Flower Essences

Free lunch time workshop at Nature Care College for practitioners and students of all modalities.

No matter what modality you practice, if your client isn't emotionally and energetically aligned with the goals you're working towards together, your treatment plan and their results are likely to be derailed or hindered.

In this lunch-time talk, naturopath Jayne Tancred from Tribe of the Tree will explain how supporting your clients' emotional, spiritual and energetic wellbeing can help deepen and anchor your treatments.

In this short, interactive session, we'll discuss some of the common energetic imbalances that can impede your clients' progress, and introduce you to three flower essences from the Tribe of the Tree range that may help:

Up, Up & Away which gently reminds us to love and approve of themselves wholeheartedly, and to develop a healthy approach to self-care

Dragon Slayer to encourage us to dig deep and find the inner resources we need when implementing change feels like a struggle

Baggage Buster to help us let go of energetically or emotionally charged 'hot buttons' that might otherwise sabotage lasting change

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