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3rd Australian Constellation Intensive

Event date: 1st February - 7th February 2016

Be INSPIRED and energized professionally and personally!

International Faculty, experts in their field Jan Jacob Stam, the leading facilitator working with Organizational Constellations, Francesca Mason Boring, brings ancient wisdom, traditions and the importance of ritual to constellations, Stephan Hausner, a Naturopath, explores Health and wellbeing and the hidden patterns behind illness, Anngwyn St Just is a specialist in the field of trauma integration, having spent many years working with Peter Levine. Ah Fung, a pioneer of Family Constellations in China uses constellations to reveal family patterns and entanglements that block financial success and Ingala Robl with a background in Gestalt and Enneagram focuses on relationships as well as Organizational Constellations.


A Therapy beyond Words

Family Constellations originally developed by Bert Hellinger, over 30 years ago in Germany, evolved from psychodynamic, family systemic and existential approaches. The method reveals deeper, subconscious patterns that can have a limiting or even destructive impact. Constellation work is able to address these patterns even when their roots go back several generations. The approach aims to help participants understand the hidden systemic orders of love operating in relationship systems, and the powerful resolutions to conflict that this understanding can make possible.

The training is a combination of lectures, workshops and experiential groups, organized to meet the needs of persons with various levels of experience ensuring you receive the most suitable professional development. As the Intensive is a residential program it allows participants the best environment for learning, connecting and sharing with peers from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.

Professional Development points are available for all PACFA, CAPA and GANZ members. Registered Psychologists can claim CPD hours to meet PBA requirements.


Location: Collaroy Centre, Collaroy Beach, overlooking the ocean and just a short 5-minute stroll to the beach.

Fees include the 6 day training, morning and evening workshops, accommodation and all meals.

Hotel $2,750 AUD/NZ (twin share with ensuite) | Cabin $2,495 AUD/NZ (comfortable 4 share, 2 bathrooms)

Go to www.constellationintensive.com or FB/Australasian-Constellation-Intensive2016

Maria Dolenc: 0425 277 279 | Jonine Gabay: 0402 067 024

Email: info@constellationintensive.com

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