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Numerology - Your Soul Purpose

Discover how numerology works and the philosophy of "numbers".

Numerology, an ancient and simple system devised by the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, in the 6th century, gives a deeper understanding of oneself and your life journey.

In this short course you will learn how to use numerology to live in alignment with your blueprint and explore the significance of the 'Day' on which you were born, the challenges of "Life Path" numbers and how it all points the way to your true "purpose in life".

Take a look at: what's in store for you this year according to your Personal Year Number, what your "Name" says about you and much more as you learn about the world of numbers through numerology!

Numerology also teaches us that each number has an associated colour, so you will discover which colour vibration is right for your number too.

Finally, you will get to enjoy learning how to put it all together to present an accurate Numerology reading session, and how numerology combines with other tools, such as Tarot.

Study options: Join us on campus in Sydney.

Course Fees: $140.00


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