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Professional Certificate in Food & Nutrition Coaching

The Professional Certificate in Food and Nutrition Coaching Course is designed specifically for those wanting to coach clients in the specialised area of food and nutrition, supporting clients to achieve their goals with optimal nutrition and food planning.

Incorporating studies in the basic concepts of established holistic nutritional principles, current nutrition trends, basic dietary advice, as well as discovering the healing potential of foods and beverages, with specialised coaching skills and techniques, this course enables graduates to work in this growing field as a Food & Nutrition Coach.

Offering a wide range of flexible study options and payment plans, the Professional Certificate in Food & Nutrition Coaching qualification provides the perfect pathway to pursue your passion for nutrition and inspiring and supporting others to achieve their goals.

Completion of this course will give you credit towards Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching and Advanced Diploma of Integrative Nutritional Therapeutics.  

On-Line Learning is a great option if you're looking for the flexibility of being able to study without being on campus!

Your course materials & assessments are accessible on-line and you have access to your Trainer for help & support through on-line forums.

Studying by distance learning allows you to pace your terms studies around your lifestyle!

Recognition of Course

Nature Care College is an approved training provider for the Professional Certificate in Food & Nutrition Coaching with;

IICT - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists Professional membership & insurance for Every Therapist - Once you have graduated with your Professional Certificate in Food and Nutrition Coaching from Nature Care College, you are eligible to join the IICT Visit:

Nature Care College courses are not nationally recognised qualifications under the Australian Qualification Framework, do not lead to the issuance of AQF certification documentation and Nature Care College is not registered by ASQA to deliver the course.

For further details please download Course Outline

Recommended Study Plan: 2 Terms Part-time


When signing up to undertake the Professional Certificate in Food & Nutrition Coaching Course at Nature Care, I was extremely nervous as I had never studied via correspondence and I am the type of person who likes support and encouragement to know I am on the right track. Trainer Sally Kelvin has absolutely exceeded this need for me.  Sally provided nothing but the best support, encouragement, feedback and above all belief in all of her students.  It is so amazing all of the above qualities and more that Sally has provided has been mainly through the online forums or private messages, often I wouldn't experience this unless face to face .  Never could I have imagined the sense of support Sally has given me would be this great.  I thank Sally whole heartedly and believe (without having met her in person mind you), she is one of the most beautiful human beings I have come into contact with.  - Rebecca Norman


Nature Care College is a fantastic college to study. The course was fun, practical and educational and the teachers are outstanding. Their knowledge, passion & enthusiasm make the classes a joy to learn. A truly great place to build your career and knowledge - Lisa Gumieniuk 


Introduction to Nutrition

Description: This unit of study will enable you to develop an understanding of the basic concepts of established nutritional principles and practice and to overview current nutritional trends in order to identify basic individual dietary requirements and negotiate basic dietary change as appropriate to the individual.

Learning Hours: Learning hours are inclusive of all supervised and prescribed activities throughout the duration of this unit of study. These may include lectures, on-line tasks, forums, assessments, prescribed reading, research, assignments and activities.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via two assessment tasks and two on-line quizzes.

Pre-requisites: Nil.

Co-requisites: Nil

Psychology Of Food

Description: Psychology of Food enables you to understand the basic concepts of how different foods affect our psycho-physiology – our moods, our behaviour, our choices in life. Understand how cravings act on the brain. Begin to understand the vast area of eating disorders. Learn which foods make us happy and why.  

  • Topics covered include:
  • Comfort Foods
  • Cravings & Food Addictions
  • Sugar & the Brain
  • Satiety Hormones
  • Food-based Opioids
  • Therapeutic Foods

Pre-requisites: Nil
Co-requisites: Nil 

Wellness Coaching Skills

Description: Students will learn the importance of and techniques in advanced listening skills where they will develop an acute awareness of client goals. Practical role plays for client and coach sessions is all part of this coaching unit. A coach’s ‘Tool-kit is included with forms, checklists, questionnaires and client agreements.
*Requires one 1:1 coaching session.

Food as Medicine

Description: Food as Medicine explores the healing potential of foods, beverages and dietary patterns using the best knowledge from both traditional and scientific sources. In this unit of study you will learn how to recommend wholesome foods and beverages based on seasonally available ingredients that delight the senses whilst providing specific phytochemicals and nutrients. You will also learn how to communicate knowledge of nutritional medicine philosophy, principles and practices

Learning Hours: Learning hours are inclusive of all supervised and prescribed activities throughout the duration of this unit of study. These may include lectures, on-line tasks, forums, assessments, prescribed reading, research, assignments and activities.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via assessment tasks and an on-line quiz.

Pre-requisites: Nil

Co-requisites: Nil 

Weight Management Strategies

Description: At the end of this unit, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to identify weight loss and maintenance strategies for clients. It includes knowledge of physical and psychological qualities of foods, dietary types and trends, diets and lifestyle choices to meet varying client needs with diverse relationships to foods and eating patterns.

Assessment (indicative only):  Participation, Mid-Term Quiz, End of Term Quiz, Written assessment.

Self Directed Learning: Components of this unit require self directed study where you will perform research and or set tasks followed by reviews promoting learning, engagement, debate and group discussion.

Pre-requisites: Introduction To Nutrition
Co-requisites: Nil

The Successful Wellness Coach

Description: In this unit of study, the student will create a clear vision for moving forward into becoming a wellness coach through the identification and re-enforcement of the student’s own goals, the practice of initial coaching and client interviews, sourcing clients, confidence building, and the initial tools required for foundation knowledge in coaching.
Requires one 1:1 coaching session

Assessment: This unit of study is assessed via in two assignments and class participation / on-line forum participation for distance students.

Pre-requisites: Wellness Coaching Skills  

Co-requisites: Nil

Course tuition fees for each term will depend on the number of units of study in which you enrol into. You enrol and pay on a term by term basis.

Year 1 Fees:

Term 1 : $1,085.00

Term 2 : $1,345.00


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