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New 'Introduction to Numerology Workshop'

This workshop provides an exciting and experiential introduction to the ancient art of numerology. 

While most people are aware that the universe is based on mathematics, many fewer people are aware of the metaphysical nature of numbers and Pythagoras’ view that numbers are living energies and universal essences that shape our lives.

You will discover clues into your personality, talents, destiny and the inherent challenges you face based on your name & date of birth. Unlike Astrology, one’s place & time of birth are not determinants in a chart, so it is easier to look into our blueprints or charts for guidance.

With this information, you will better understand your souls journey, the milestone periods in your life and your fundamental nature in order to gain greater self-acceptance and understanding of your needs and life purpose. 

Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 

About the facilitator ' Marcus Dabb'

For over a dozen years, Marcus has shared his skills and knowledge facilitating adult education and in delivering personal development focused workshops. He has run courses in vocational training environments, TAFE, Community Centres, Camp Creative. 

The common thread to his work is a belief that tools of self-understanding are tremendously valuable in discovering one’s sense of fit and direction.

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