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Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence

In her new book, 'Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence' Wellbeing as a Living Martial Art', author Martine M. L. Negro shares steps to stay well by being aware of what one's body is saying.

'Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence' teaches readers how to make decisions that benefit mind, body and spirit, master three keys to support health and reclaim lost energy by building resilience to age well. Negro shares case histories of people and how they used these strategies to get better.

"I have been in clinical practice as an acupuncturist, wellness mentor and a trainer in oriental mind body medicine for thirty years," Negro says. "I noticed that every single patient has a similar pattern of ignoring clear messages from their body/intuition which overtime inevitably leads them into chronic conditions. Once they reconnect to their true core and start listening to their body, they recover much faster than using any treatment on its own, and sometimes without any further treatment."

Excerpt from 'Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence':

Embrace both sides of you and your experiences. If you dislike an aspect of you, at whatever level it is, physical, mental, or emotional, you will increase internal disconnection which will block healthy energy flow to that part of you and as you focus on it with harsh feelings, it will amplify what you dislike! Dance with and integrate all of you! Increase other qualities to work through it, and if too challenging, it may be a good time to get professional help.

'Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence'

By Martine M. L. Negro

About the Author

Martine M. L. Negro has spent 30 years practicing oriental "Mind Body Health" and has helped thousands of students understand the energetic dynamics of the human system. She is the co-founder of the Diploma of Energetic Healing at Nature Care College, co-initiator and life member of the International Energetic Healing Association and president of the Dowsers Society of New South Wales. Negro works with people around the world via Skype and lives in Australia while spending a few months in Europe each year.

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