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Energetic Tools for Transformation (EFT 1) Workshop

Join us to tap into the wonder of EFT & learn simple, yet powerful take anywhere techniques that will enable you shift limiting self-beliefs. This highly experiential workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to take charge of their health and happiness.

The simple yet powerful techniques that you will learn in Energetic Tools for Transformation (including EFT) Level 1, allow you to shift disempowering emotional/energetic states and limiting belief and to work with a number of common personal challenges, including stress, pain relief, self-esteem and body image.

This short course will introduce you to the foundational aspects of these proven energetic tools that will empower you to create real and lasting change and transformation.

Enjoy learning a range of transformational tools, including EFT - known as Tapping, to enjoy a greater sense of freedom and balance energetically, emotionally and physically.

Learning Option: Live online

Completion of this short course gives you credit towards the Professional Certificate in Energetic Health.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion


It was extraordinary spiritual, emotional and mental experience with unexpected outcomes. I would recommend this course to everyone, since the training is valuable for personal development and practitioners. Thank you for this beautiful experience! -  Agne

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