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Knowledgeable staff member with sales experience.

Category: Retail Sales

Region: Sydney Metropolitan

Sub-Region: Lower North Shore

Date Posted: 11 December 2020

We are looking for a staff member for our Health Food Store/Wellness Clinic as a sales assistant and clinic support staff for 2 to 3  7 hour shifts per week including weekends. Position needs to be filled before Christmas. 
Ideal candidate must have training in nutrition and/or herbal medicine with some retail sales experience. A person with retail sales experience in health food stores and/or pharmacies without formal academic qualifications accepted. 
Position involves assisting store manager with store sales, ordering, stock pricing and myself in the practice with patient appointments, prescriptions, and follow up calls.
This is an excellent opportunity to get valuable experience in nutritional supplements, exceptional formulations, and learning unique health assessment and treatment modalities used at Return To Wellness clinic. 
Opportunity to learn Ayurvedic Palm, Pulse assessments, Bio-Energetic Response and Resonance Testing, DNA and Essential Fatty Acid profile testing, Dark Field Microscopy, Reiki, and Meditation.
The candidate must be friendly, courteous, coacheable and a good team worker.
Please contact me by email to

Company Name: World of Health

Contact Name: Dr Ranga Premaratna or Sarita Carter


Phone: 99693920 or 0421021719

Closing Date: 30/01/2021

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