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Tea Tonics

Learn to turn your tea time ritual into a restorative experience with herbal teas in this fun, fascinating workshop.

Join us to explore the various methods of preparation and tea combinations, for the effective administration of more than 14 well known plants that are easily obtained, as both fresh and dried herbs, and are safe to use for your own and your family's health.

Learn how the delicate aerial parts of medicinal plants can be made into teas as a simple and gentle way to provide self-help and how herbal infusions have been used since antiquity.

An overview of the differences between Black, White and Green teas and Herbal infusions will provide you with the opportunity to understand the different benefits of an ancient and enjoyable ritual, and how they can be taken as a medicine or as a relaxing or invigorating drink.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 

Study options: Join us on campus in Sydney.


It was a great course, very good instructor and I got to learn so much. ~ Shikha Mahajan


Start Date: 31/03/2019

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Duration: One Sunday

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Course Fees: $160.00


"I experienced 5 years at Nature Care. I learned amazing and interesting things which have helped me personally and I will help others with. I have met many wonderful people and will miss seeing them each week."

Sarah Kottmann

Western Herbal Medicine Graduate

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