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Certificate in Coaching Theories

The Certificate in Coaching Theories provides participants with highly effective interpersonal and coaching skills that integrate core coaching techniques and methods with a whole person approach, to facilitate personal and professional change that considers all of the individual?s experience in life and at work.

Our Certificate in Coaching Theories qualification includes training at an experiential, practical and theoretical level to attain the above skills to a basic to intermediate level. This allows graduates to confidently provide coaching in situations where a client or work colleague needs a basic level of support, and also in any situation where specific coaching techniques may be applied.

A profound learning experience, the Certificate in Coaching Theories provides the perfect opportunity to explore unique qualifications in Coaching, changing your own life along the way to the path of learning to support others.

This course is ideal for personal growth, to complement and incorporate into an existing practice or career where coaching skills are useful, or for those considering a career as a Coach to discover if coaching is the path for them.

The Certificate in Coaching Theories will give you credit towards the Diploma if you choose to continue on with your Coaching studies.

Studies within this course include a strong combination of theory and practical skills development in: the increasing demand for the coaching approach in todays world, highly effective coaching and communication skills, the underlying theories of coaching, and the application of coaching in practice, both in life and in the workplace.

With a wide range of flexible study options and alternate payment plans, the Certificate in Coaching Theories provides the pathway to discover our transformational Coaching programs.

This program will give you credit towards the Diploma if you choose to continue on with your Coaching studies.

Nature Care College courses are not nationally recognised qualifications under the Australian Qualification Framework, do not lead to the issuance of AQF certification documentation and Nature Care College is not registered by ASQA to deliver the course.

Recommended Study Plan: 3 Terms Part-time


The Coaching Relationship

Description: Coaching is a highly potent partnership built on mutual respect and trust, honesty and clear agreements, where the client’s intentions and stated outcomes hold the central position.  The stronger and more open this relationship, the more effectively the coach can support the client to raise their awareness, generate responsibility for their own process, offer insightful feedback and challenge them to be more of who they truly are.  This unit continues the deep dive into the personal presence of the coach, exploring advanced skills and techniques to profoundly support a client through their transformational process.

Assessment: This unit of study is assessed via class participation, presentation and written assessment.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching, Core Coaching Skills, Coaching Presence, Coaching in Practice 1, Creating Awareness and Transformation, Basic Marketing for Coaches.

Co-requisites: Coaching in Practice 2, Advanced Coaching Skills and Tools.


Core Coaching Skills

Description: These core interpersonal and communication skills form the backbone of any coaching conversation, and through the practice of macro and micro skills in the different phases and aspects of the coaching process, students begin to experience the deep effectiveness and power of coaching to build deep trust and intimacy with a client and to facilitate lasting transformation.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via assignments, peer and self assessment and examination (multiple choice quiz).

Pre-requisites: Nil

Co-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching


Creating Awareness & Transformation

Description: The journey of true personal and spiritual growth in the transpersonal context expands one’s awareness and understanding, and this unit dives deeply into the ways in which the skilfull coach, fully authentic and present, can create awareness with the client, thus empowering them to access and integrate their own wisdom and insight for lasting transformation.

Self-Directed Learning: Components of this unit require self-directed study where students will perform research and or set tasks followed by reviews promoting learning, engagement, debate and group discussion.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via two skills assessment tasks and class participation.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching; Core Coaching Skills; Coaching Presence
Co-requisites: Nil 

Introduction to the World Of Coaching

Description: This introductory course provides an overview of the key transpersonal psychological perspectives, concepts and issues which form the foundation of this unique approach to coaching, and the relevance of these perspectives to the personal, spiritual, social and global needs of our time.  It also introduces the essential holistic principles and practices of the transpersonal context (eg.experiential, integrative), and begins the process of self-exploration in relation to major life transitions and rites of passage within the journey of transformation. 

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via attendance, course participation.and a creative assignment.

Pre-requisites: Nil

Co-requisites: Nil

Course tuition fees for each term will depend on the number of units of study in which you enrol into. You enrol and pay on a term by term basis.

Year 1 Fees:

Term 1 : $1,300.00

Term 2 : $680.00

Term 3 : $680.00


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