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Building Strong Bones - Truth or Dairy?

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How do we develop strong bones and avoid degeneration? Is it possible to prevent and potentially reverse osteoporosis?  Explore how the right diet and lifestyle changes can dramatically influence bone regeneration, as well as reduce the risk of chronic degeneration diseases.

Numerous studies are now challenging the long-held belief that osteoporosis is primarily caused by a lack of dairy or calcium in the diet, resulting in a lack of calcium in the bones. On both accounts, this is a very inaccurate analysis. Populations with the strongest bones tend not to consume dairy products. Conversely, populations that have a higher dairy intake tend to have more osteoporosis. This is consistent with the findings of many long-term studies demonstrating that there is much more to strong bones than dairy.

Generally, chronic degenerative diseases do not occur in isolation, and osteoporosis is no exception. The lifestyle-related causes of osteoporosis are usually similar to those of other chronic degenerative diseases; similarly so are the solutions.

This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in learning about bone health and overall optimal health and wellbeing.

About The Trainer – Doug Evans

Osteopath Dr Doug Evans has been working in the field of Natural Health for over 35 years. Initially studying Naturopathy in 1977, Doug diverged and went on to graduate as an Osteopath and Chiropractor in 1983. Drawn to the gentle, more holistic approach of osteopathy, Doug resonated with the emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle, making this a focus of his practice. During his career, Doug has practiced at two residential health centres with a focus on improving health, and in many cases reversing chronic degenerative diseases with fasting and lifestyle medicine/whole food plant based diet.  Firstly, with Dr Alec Burton at Arcadia Health Centre, who was considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in Natural Health care, nutrition and fasting.  Then at Hopewood Health Centre where he was responsible for providing osteopathic treatments, supervising health recovery, nutritional and fasting programs. Doug shares his knowledge and experience through his private practice as well as seminars and group presentations.    

Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 

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