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Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate

The Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate course is for anyone wishing to become a Reiki Master and apply and practice the skills of Reiki;  graduates will be qualified to practice as a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Reiki traning is a hands-on subject and therefore is only taught on campus in Sydney (no e-learning is available for this course).

Reiki involves channelling subtle energy to the client, to heal and bring about a greater sense of well-being at a holistic level - physically, energetically and emotionally.

Drawing on the philosophy of Dr Mikao Usui, training focuses on teaching students to work in balance and harmony with the universal life force, tapping into this energy and transferring its healing properties through the hands.

A gentle but powerful healing technique, Reiki is profoundly effective and teaches us to work in balance and harmony with the Universal Life Force, supporting the development of greater compassion and joy.

With a wide range of flexible study options and payment plans available, the Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate provides the perfect opportunity to pursue your passion for hands on energetic healing.

Course Duration: This course can be completed across two terms or extended over one year

Commences: March, June & Sept

Delivery Mode: On campus

Recognition of Course

Nature Care College is an approved training provider for the Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate with;

IICT - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists Professional membership & insurance for Every Therapist - Once you have graduated with your Reiki Master Practitioner from Nature Care College, you are eligible to join the IICT Visit:

AKA The Australian Reiki Connection Visit:

Nature Care College courses are not nationally recognised qualifications under the Australian Qualification Framework, do not lead to the issuance of AQF certification documentation and Nature Care College is not registered by ASQA to deliver the course.

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Reiki 1

Description:  The ancient healing art of Reiki teaches us to work in balance and harmony with the Universal Life Force. It is a practice supporting us to be more present and centered in the heart, developing greater compassion and joy. Reiki works powerfully, gently and safely to assist healing on all levels, promoting deep relaxation, peacefulness and being ‘at one’ with self and the environment. In this enjoyable and inspiring workshop, learn to work with Reiki as a technique for transmitting universal life force energy to yourself and others. Graduates of Reiki 1 may join the Australian Reiki Connection ( 

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via Participation in practical exercises         

Pre-requisites: Nil

Co-requisites: Nil

Reiki 2

Description: Working closely with the philosophy of Dr Mikao Usui we incorporate meditation, energetic healing practices and exercises to connect with unconditional love and our healing potential. Reiki 2 builds on and furthers the skills of Reiki 1. In this empowering workshop we explore the meaning and application of the traditional symbols used in Reiki and learn techniques for distant healing for self, others and situations. We will also learn how to use some non-traditional symbols.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via participation in practical exercises.    

Pre-requisites: Reiki 1

Co-requisites: Nil

Reiki Master Practitioner Level 3

Description:  Reiki Master Practitioner Level 3 - Tibetan Usui System

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via Participation in practical exercises     

Pre-requisites: Reiki 1 & Reiki 2

Co-requisites: Nil

Course tuition fees for each term will depend on the number of units of study in which you enrol into. You enrol and pay on a term by term basis.

Year 1 Fees:

Term 1 : $285.00

Term 2 : $285.00

Term 3 : $420.00


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