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In Food we Trust

As a society we are sophisticated enough to know that bad food choices make us sick and yet the demand for processed foods is stronger than ever. We know about antioxidants and micronutrients and have access to an apparently unlimited array of vitamins and supplements and spend more money on them than any other country and yet our health system is straining under the heft of our weight and cardio-vascular issues.

In this informative and thought-provoking workshop we will discuss food in a completely different framework to the standard food as fuel or food as medicine models and instead consider our relationship with feeding ourselves from a political, philosophical and energetic perspective that will change the way we address diet in our lives and in our work.

  • Food as GOD and nutrition as religion
  • Evolutionary Biology and food
  • The Politics of Sugar
  • Food and finances
  • Food and weight why isnt there a direct causal link
  • Food and sleep

About the facilitator ? Sherryn McCarthy

Sherryn has been working in the Natural Therapies industry for more than 13 years. In her various roles as practitioner, clinic manager, practitioner mentor, wellness centre owner and as a business skills trainer for graduating students.

Sherryn has developed significant insight into the habits and practices that make for a happy, healthy and therefore successful Wellness Professional. Sherryn?s workshops are accessible, personalised and fun and spring from a genuine intention to empower her attendees to have a positive experience.

Course Fees: $95.00


"I loved my experience at Nature Care. I made some life long friends, know how to better care for my family and now have a job that I love."

Lisa Snowdon

Nutrition Graduate

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