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Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching

This qualification equips graduates to practice as a Transpersonal Life Coach, with a unique point of difference.  Unlike most Life Coaching Programs/Courses, this course works on another level.

On completion of the Transpersonal Life Coaching qualification graduates work with clients at a far deeper level than traditional coaching programs, opening to the inner values and needs of the whole person, mind, body and soul, to live their lives with meaning, in alignment with their purpose.

Studies include specialised coaching skills and experiential training with a focus on the application of these skills and techniques; learning to support clients to bring forth a fulfilling life that embraces both the internal and external, creating expanded levels of personal happiness, wholeness, joy and success.

With a wide range of flexible study options and alternate payment plans, the Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching offers the perfect pathway for those wishing to pursue a rewarding career as a Life Coach, with a uniquely holistic approach

Compulsory Course Requirements
All students who are participating in this course are required to attend 8 personal mentoring sessions to support their learning throughout the duration of the course.

Recognition of Course

Nature Care College is an approved training provider for the Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching with;

IICT - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists Professional membership & insurance for Every Therapist - Once you have graduated with your Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching from Nature Care College, you are eligible to join the IICT Visit:

Nature Care College courses are not nationally recognised qualifications under the Australian Qualification Framework, do not lead to the issuance of AQF certification documentation and Nature Care College is not registered by ASQA to deliver the course.

For further details please download Course Outline

Recommended Study Plan: One Year Part-time


Choosing to study my Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching at Nature Care College was one of the best decisions of my Life.

If you're considering a change in your career, or interested in expanding and developing your knowledge & skill-set for your personal or professional benefit, the impressive range of courses and study options at Nature Care College are beyond compare. Get along to their Discovery Day, your Life will never be the same! Pablo Bensemann 

This was truly a wonderful course that has not only provided me with excellent skills and knowledge but facilitated valuable self-development and expansion as a caring human being in service to others. Maria Gerathy


Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology

Description: This introductory course provides an overview of the key transpersonal psychological perspectives, concepts and issues which form the foundation of this unique approach to coaching, and the relevance of these perspectives to the personal, spiritual, social and global needs of our time.  It also introduces the essential holistic principles and practices of the transpersonal context (eg.experiential, integrative), and begins the process of self-exploration in relation to major life transitions and rites of passage within the journey of transformation. 

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via attendance, course participation.and a creative assignment.

Pre-requisites: Nil

Co-requisites: Nil

Core Coaching Skills

Description: These core interpersonal and communication skills form the backbone of any coaching conversation, and through the practice of macro and micro skills in the different phases and aspects of the coaching process, students begin to experience the deep effectiveness and power of coaching to build deep trust and intimacy with a client and to facilitate lasting transformation.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via assignments, peer and self assessment and examination (multiple choice quiz).

Pre-requisites: Nil

Co-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching


Coaching in Practice 1

Description: This unit of study applies the foundational level of transpersonal coaching theory and skills to the direct coaching of a client. Within this unit students are involved in a trainee coach program where they provide a series of weekly or fortnightly 30-minute coaching sessions to an external volunteer client outside of class time. Guidance and supervision is provided in class to assist students to translate previously learnt theory, exercises and skills into ethical, professional and effective practice. The joys, challenges and professional responsibilities of the transformational coach role are actively explored.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via assignments, presentations and class participation.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching, Core Coaching Skills, Coaching Presence

Co-requisites: Creating Awareness and Transformation; Basic Marketing For Coaches


Creating Awareness & Transformation

Description: The journey of true personal and spiritual growth in the transpersonal context expands one’s awareness and understanding, and this unit dives deeply into the ways in which the skilfull coach, fully authentic and present, can create awareness with the client, thus empowering them to access and integrate their own wisdom and insight for lasting transformation.

Self-Directed Learning: Components of this unit require self-directed study where students will perform research and or set tasks followed by reviews promoting learning, engagement, debate and group discussion.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via two skills assessment tasks and class participation.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching; Core Coaching Skills; Coaching Presence
Co-requisites: Nil 

Coaching in Practice 2

Description: This unit of study offers the opportunity for both those who have already started working with clients professionally, and those who have yet to begin, to marry their understanding of transpersonal psychology with the power of the coaching process and relationship, while advancing and refining their skills.  Students will participate in an advanced trainee coach program, coaching an external client outside of class time, with regular in-class supervision in a small group format.  Trainees will be encouraged see this as either an uplevelling of their current coaching practice or as a launching pad for their coaching career.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via active coaching participation outside of class, recorded coaching assessment, written assessment and class attendance and participation.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching, Core Coaching Skills, Coaching Presence, Creating Awareness and Transformation, Coaching in Practice 1 – The Transformational Process, Basic Marketing for Coaches

Co-requisites: Advanced Coaching Skills and Tools, The Coaching Relationship


Advanced Coaching Skills & Tools

Description: In this unit specific contexts of personality formation and behavioural patterns will be explored to assist the coach in looking beyond a client’s presenting ‘canvas’. Moving beyond content to engage fully with a client’s context enables change and transformation to occur at the deepest generative level. Learn and practise advanced and creative coaching techniques, and together with your existing knowledge, skills and intuition, powerfully facilitate a client’s transformation and evolution, enabling them to reach their highest personal and professional potential.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit is assessed by ongoing competency and skills assessment in class; satisfactory participation in class activities and coaching practice sessions.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology, Core Coaching Skills, Creating Awareness and Transformation, Coaching in Practice 1 & 2, 

Co-requisites: Marketing for Coaches, Coaching Integration

Coaching Integration

Description:  This final unit of study has two primary intentions for completing the journey of becoming a Transpersonal Coach. Through the weekly coaching of another external client outside class time, together with in-class supervision, it offers a final opportunity for review and integration of the course learning. It is also provides students with a personal and collective rite of passage to empower their graduation into the world of professional coaching, and to celebrate the completion of this stage of their personal transformational journey.

Assessment: This unit of study is assessed via participation & presentation of the weekly coaching of an external client, 2 recorded coaching sessions, assignment and formal exam.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching, Core Coaching Skills, Coaching Presence, Coaching in Practice 1, Creating Awareness and Transformation, Basic Marketing for Coaches, Coaching in Practice 2, Advanced Coaching Skills and Tools, The Coaching Relationship.    

Co-requisites: Transformation in the Workplace, Building Your Coaching Speciality.

Marketing for Coaches

Description: In order to launch a successful coaching business, trainee coaches will learn how to access and release their inner entrepreneurial spirit.  Engaging the principles of flow, manifestation and spiritual marketing, students will create a vision for their business, explore proven strategies for getting clients, and address the practicalities including insurance, business structure and pricing.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via assignments and class participation.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to the World of Coaching, Core Coaching Skills, Coaching Presence

Co-requisites: Coaching in Practice 1 – The Transformational Process, Creating Awareness and Transformation.


Course tuition fees for each term will depend on the number of units of study in which you enrol into. You enrol and pay on a term by term basis.

Year 1 Fees:

Term 1 : $2,185.00

Term 2 : $1,675.00

Term 3 : $2,555.00


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