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Lunation Phases

Each month the Moon gradually emerges from a slithery crescent of light growing until she is fully illuminated at the beautiful Full Moon, she then gradually decreases in light until she becomes invisible. These different faces of the Moon are called the Lunation Phases of the Moon.

We are all born under one of these 8 wondrous phases. Explore how we can harness the cycles of the Moon for our own personal evolution, learn which cycles or phases are best for manifestation and new beginnings and which are best for endings and letting go.

By the conclusion of this fascination 1 day workshop in Sydney, you will be able to calculate a Lunation Phase from a Birth Chart, know the phases you were born under and the significance of this, align yourself with the Moon and her cycle and connect the Lunation Phases to the ancient rituals/festivals.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, as no previous astrological knowledge is required. 

About the facilitator 'Narelle Macnamara'

Narelle has been studying the metaphysical world for more than twenty years. She discovered how many of the divinatory tools can awaken consciousness and facilitate healing, developing an abiding passion for Astrology.

Narelle has taught Astrology at Nature Care College for over 12 years and was integral in developing the compressive Certificate of Astrology to the College. She studied under Parampara of AstroVarsity and internationally recognised Evolutionary Astrologer Steven Forrest.

Narelle's passion for travel to sacred sites has deepened her astrological and mythical knowledge. You will leave Narelle's workshop with a stronger feeling of connectedness 

Course Fees: $135.00


This course was the highlight of my week every Thursday. Narelle is a great & compassionate educator. I learnt a lot about myself and the practice of Astrology

Scarlet Benson

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